A new fund for a new future

New Theory Ventures shifts the paradigm to fuse purpose with profit, investing in women and diverse founders at the forefront of conscious living and innovation.

"As a non-white female founder, I've been underfunded, underrepresented, and underestimated. I started New Theory Ventures to invest in women and diverse founders shaping the new landscape of success, because the data is clear: when new voices are amplified, both purpose and profits soar."

- Nikki Eslami, Founder and CEO

what is new theory?

The Rebuilding of the economic order so that purpose and profit compound.

New Theory is an evergreen fund and venture catalyst bolstering the goodness and must-have innovation of founders and their brands. It is the commitment to profit that funds purpose, and purpose that creates profit.

what needs to change?

Only 1.9 percent of venture capital went to women founders in 2022.

Black and Latino founders received just 2.6 percent of venture funding in 2020.


New Theory Ventures amplifies and accelerates founders on the forefront of change through four targeted tiers of investment.

new theory origin

Helping early-stage founders scale game-changing ideas through strategic seed funding to propel innovation and early growth.

new theory accelerate

Committing guidance and capital to brands with proven product market fit to provide a strategic jet-pack for viability and expansion.

new theory catalyst

Incubating brands with financing, branding, structural guidance, and supply chain connections at pivotal moments in their growth.

new theory impact

Disrupting the philanthropic model by shifting power back to the women and local leaders on the frontlines of social and environmental change.


New Theory Ventures is a committed collective of investors, entrepreneurs, branding engineers, and changemakers with influential track records in business and social impact.

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